Admissions Assistance

Once you have identified the best institutions for your needs, the application process is the next crucial step. It is the applicant’s best opportunity to portray him or herself in the best possible light, and show his/her passion for the colleges of choice. Our admissions assistance program offers a variety of services to make your application stand out among thousands.

If you are having trouble filling out tricky questions in your applications or do not know where to start, we are here to help!

A neat and clean application says a lot about your personality and your dedication towards the program. We are here to bring out your enthusiasm towards the college through your application.

College / Graduate Admissions Application Assistance

The presentation of your college or graduate school application should instantly portray you as a highly mature individual. Your creativity and attention to detail will stand out in the way you answer questions and structure your application. Our staff consists of highly qualified and intelligent individuals who will effectively highlight your positive attributes to the admissions committee. Your application materials will be completed and returned to you well in advance of the deadline, reducing your stress.

Let CareerFasten assist you in preparing noteworthy admissions applications and making the best impression on the admissions committee.

College / Graduate Admissions Essay Assistance

Admissions essay or personal statement is an opportunity for the candidate to sell him or herself to the admissions committee. It is a place to highlight your strengths and your unique abilities, as well as communicating your life story that has made you the person who you are today. Our staff is interested in getting to know you better, and learning about you before helping you brainstorm ideas, and form a personal statement. We believe that your statement should convey a unique message about you, and shed light on your strengths and abilities while articulating a proper response to the question being asked.

Whether you are almost finished with your admissions essay and need a professional pair of eyes to proofread your essay, or if you are having trouble starting your essay, and feel you need dedicated guidance, we are here for you!

Early Admissions Deferral Assistance

Due to limited spots in the Early Admissions Program, many qualified candidates are deferred in the Early Admissions Program. Students may assume that the decision is final and nothing can be done to gain admission at your first choice school. This is simply untrue, and at CareerFasten, we will help you get off the deferred list. We specialize in assessing your admissions portfolio, and enhancing it with supplementary information to remind your first choice school, that you continue to excel, and it is in their best interest to offer you admission. We will remind the admissions committee that their school is still your first choice. Our counselors will guide you in preparing your supplementary information packet that will remedy the previous shortcomings in your application.

Contact us for further information and assistance with your Early Admissions Deferral, and let CareerFasten help you!