College Search

College & University experiences are some of the most memorable ones in life. The years spent studying, making friends, networking, and preparing for your future is the most valuable investment that you can make. Therefore, it is highly important that the institution you choose to attend complements your personality, fulfills your educational and recreational desires, and most importantly be financially affordable.

Goal-oriented College Search

Our mission is to provide customized college search to each student and help him/her find the institution that best meets his/her lifestyle. We work with the student to identify his/her educational, career and personal goals and to determine his/her financial needs. We then identify a list of up to twenty institutions that may best serve the studentís requirements. Student and parents are thoroughly involved in the process, and their input and feedback are highly regarded by us.

Schedule time now with our advisors to identify the best colleges for you. You will receive an email after your purchase requesting your availability, and our advisor will get in touch with you at a mutually agreeable time.

Admissions Chance Evaluation

After all your hardwork, it is time to apply to college. Although the final decision depends on the admissions officer, we can help you decide where you stand so that you can put your best efforts into applying to the right schools. We will examine your standardized test scores, GPA, coursework, extracurricular activities, and a writing sample.

Our professional counselors will email you an evaluation of your chances of being admitted into your chosen schools (up to 20 schools), as well as advice on how to improve your chances for admission. We are happy to answer any specific questions you may have about your admissions chances as well as the evaluation provided to you.