Resume & Curriculum Vitae (CV) Assistance

Cover Letter & Resume or CV Evaluation & Editing

Your resume/CV and cover letter can leave a lasting impression on the person evaluating your candidacy for any open positions. If you have applied to several relevant job openings, yet have not received an offer or even an interview, then it is time for evaluating your application materials. Have CareerFasten counselors look over your application materials and provide critical yet constructive feedback to make necessary improvements. You will receive a detailed explanation of what you are missing, and how you can target your application materials to relevant positions.

Comprehensive Cover Letter & Resume or CV Assistance

For those just entering into the job market, let CareerFasten provide you with quality application materials to make the best impression possible. Our experts will use their skills to develop editable cover letter and Resume or CV templates with a proven format and keywords. Your job application will stand out of the pack with a unique presentation. Best of all, your application materials will be in an editable format, and with small changes, you can tailor them to different position to which you are applying. CareerFasten will provide you with detailed support with choosing keywords that best suit your resume, and how to market your experiences depending on the position.