College Search

  • Goal-oriented College Search - Our mission is to provide customized college search to each student and help him/her find the institution that best meets his/her ... Read more
  • Admissions Chance Evaluation - We will examine your standardized test scores, GPA, coursework, extracurricular activities, and a writing sample. ... Read more

Admissions Assistance

  • College / Graduate Admissions Application Assistance - Let CareerFasten assist you in preparing noteworthy admissions applications and making ... Read more
  • College / Graduate Admissions Essay Assistance - Whether you need a pair of eyes to proofread your essay, or if you are having trouble starting ... Read more
  • Early Admissions Deferral Assistance - Our counselors will guide you in preparing your supplementary information packet that will remedy the previous shortcomings in your application. ... Read more

Financial Aid Search

  • Financial Aid Search Assistance - We will provide you with the resources and tools that will help you win scholarships at both undergrad/graduate level. ... Read more
  • Scholarship / Fellowship Essay Assistance - We work with you to determine the best way to answer scholarship essays beginning with brainstorming ideas ... Read more

Job Search Assistance

  • Job Search Assistance & Interview Preparation - Our job search and interview preparation package is for recent graduates who are looking for a dream ... Read more

Resume & CV Assistance

  • Resume and CV Assistance - Our experts will use their skills to develop editable cover letter and Resume or CV templates with a proven format and keywords. ... Read more

One-on-One Counseling

  • Hourly Counseling - Our hourly counseling is for those who need assistance figuring out a plan for higher education or a professional career. ... Read more
  • One and Two year-long Education Counseling - Your personal CareerFasten counselor will assist you year-round with your application including essay ... Read more