Summer Preparation with CareerFasten!

Our 10 week summer programs ensures consistent progress in academic learning. Classroom sessions help students fully grasp concepts while guided home assignments allow students to develop confidence in the subject. Our expert faculty make learning fun and exciting and provide easy ways for students to master challenging concepts.

We offer engaging summer programs MathSense and ScienceEdge, both designed to prepare students (6th -12th grade) in STEM subjects for success in school, competitions and standardized tests in a fun and collaborative environment.

Our College Admissions Prep program is designed to prepare incoming high school seniors for the college admissions process in the fall. With the help of our experienced counselors, students will narrow their list of colleges, prepare their admissions essay, and complete UC and Common Applications ahead of schedule to reduce stress in the school year. This program offers continued support to students throughout the fall admissions season.

  • MathSENSE- Mathsense is designed to prepare students (6th - 12th grades) for success in school, math competitions and standardized tests. Students in this is a 10-week summer math course are sectioned based on their knowledge level to learn fundamentals as well as advanced mathematic concepts. MathSense prepares students for standardized tests such as the SAT I, SAT Math Subject Tests and the ACT and sharpens their test-taking skills and mathematical knowledge. Students learn in a fun and collaborative environment designed to encourage critical thinking and problem-solving.
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  • ScienceEDGE- ScienceEdge workshop uses examples of cutting edge technology to generate enthusiasm in students and teach fundamental scientific concepts. Topics from Biology, Chemistry and Physics are covered together to promote interdisciplinary learning.
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  • College Admission Prep- Get expert advice on what students need to know about college admissions. Students will choose the right colleges and develop a strategic plan for getting admitted to their dream colleges. With professional guidance, students will prepare their personal statements and complete the University of California's admission application and the Common Application. Learn about major choices, importance of extracurricular activities and how to highlight your talents. As and added benefit the class also covers all aspects of financial aid and ways to pay for college. Continued support will be provided to all students throughout the admissions seasons until all applications are completed.
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Program Dates and Location

June 19th - August 11th

CareerFasten LLC
10265 Rockingham Drive, Suite 140
Rancho Cordova, CA 95827